New MacDonald microsite

Partners: Redwood, Humanaut

Client: Only Organic

Technology stack: ScrollMagic, PHP, Elastic Beanstalk

Humanaut and Redwood were trying to find a way to promote the advantages of growing and buying organic food and through this collaboration we were able to deliver a one-page site that conveyed that message in an interesting and entertaining way. There was the basic Twitter and Facebook share buttons to help get the word out, but the really fun part is further down the page where the viewport locks in and through the user’s scroll action an animation sequence plays out telling the story of New MacDonald (the industrialized farm) vs. Old MacDonald (the sustainable, traditional farm).

New MacDonald screenshot

ScrollMagic really came in handy for setting up the animation piece and with a little elbow grease we even made a scaled down version of the animation sequence for viewing on mobile devices. My only regret is not getting to spend more time fine-tuning and expanding on the animation portion of the site…really fun stuff.