Save the Bros microsite

Partners: Redwood, Humanaut

Client: Organic Valley

Technology stack: PHP, Bootstrap, Bower, Codekit, LESS, Elastic Beanstalk

Organic Valley was coming out with a product, a protein shake, that was entering a crowded space. They needed a way to cut through the clutter and announce their product to the world in a unique way. That’s where Humanaut stepped in and came up with the concept of “Save the Bros”. It was a really fun concept and I was glad to be on board to help bring it to life. Over the course of about a month we built out a microsite with an “Instafeed” (mashup of related Instagram posts) section full of brotastic photos, a full-page background video, and a slick user-friendly sign-up form. I chose to deploy the site on Elastic Beanstalk so that in the event of major “virality” with crazy traffic peaks the site would scale seamlessly and never go down.

The site was a huge success, the video was great, we got tons of good press, and the client came back for more with The Brononymous Hotline a few months later. Boom!